George Debled



  • Agrégé in Urologic Sciences from the Brussels’ University, Belgium, EU
  • Former Deputy Assistant making function of Head of Department of Urology, CHU Saint Pierre and CHU Brugmann, Brussels, Belgium, UE
  • Former Assistant Professor in Urology, Brussels’ University, Belgium, EU


Andropause disease

Abstract “Andropause disease” was described more than thirty years ago [1-2-3]. However, andropause is still considered today as a non-pathological natural phenomenon such as menopause that is not a disease. Colloquially we talk from male menopause which makes no sense since man has no menstruations. However, in recent years in the USA, the prescription of testosterone in gel, injections, or tablets in men having biology known as Low Testosterone has undergone considerable growth. By lack of discernment, this has given rise to severe cardiovascular complications and a multitude of class actions. Just check Google with keywords «testosterone » and «class actions» to see the number of lawsuits underway in 2019 in the US. Complaints concern patients, pharmaceutical companies, and insurances. Everyone rejects the responsibility for the disasters caused by the use of testosterone.

In reality, all actors in these legal proceedings can both right and wrong. The problem comes from the fact that Low Testosterone Syndrome is not so easy to assess and that “andropause” is not a disease. Class actions are the consequences of disasters caused by testosterone treatments for signs that are not diseases (andropause — Low testosterone) while Androgenic Disease of Andropause is constantly ignored as well as its treatment by mesterolone.

The purpose of this communication is to define the broad outlines of the Androgenic Disease of Andropause, its diagnostic, and its safe treatment by mesterolone on thousands of patients for forty years.

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