Benito Novas



Global entrepreneur, successful manager, and keynote speaker who is expert in the field of specialized marketing focused on Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Healthcare development.

He is convinced that organizations, who want to create a basis for long-term success, need to constantly evolve. They must develop their own technology and create a credible footprint that fills a market niche, generating internal value, and contributing in creating real benefits to the public.

This is the driving philosophy behind my companies as I look for providing a constant flow of knowledge and innovation regarding the role of stem cells in modern medicine. My aim is to accelerate the process of getting promising stem cell research and technology developed into treatments and therapies, making them readily available to benefit the health and well-being of a broad range of patients.

Using specialized marketing techniques focus on stem cells and their impact in the aesthetic surgery, I have created a visionary approach to healthcare management, and regenerative medicine.

Strategic Vision:
► Launched and developed a network of companies focused on stem cell that have positioned as key players in the greater stem cells industry. The network is comprised of the world’s leading physicians and medical practitioners that participate in constant therapy, research, and studying.

Deliver Results:
► Global Stem Cells Group is regarded as the first choice for readily accessible stem cell medicine around the world today.
► Co-authored a book titled, “Your Aesthetic Practice: A Complete Guide: What Your Patients Are Saying.»

What I Stand For, No Matter What:

► My passion for keeping the staff engaged, and motivated, building relationships based on trust, respect, and integrity is only surpassed by my passion for helping physicians and scientists change the world through stem cell medicine.

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